XPE470 Mini Projector Silver
Mini LED Outdoor/Indoor Projector
Bullet Point

EYE PROTECTION INCLUDED:This XPE470 projector, however, does not use a direct LED light source. Children's eyes are protected while they're enjoying their favorite TV shows and videos.


BIG SCREEN EXPERIENCE:Projection size ranges from 37'' to 130'' depending on your needs and set-up. Create an in-home cinema experience without the hassle of a large screen.


SMALL AND COMPACT: Because it connects to another device you already use, you won't need additional equipment to create a great viewing experience on the go.


CONNECTS TO OTHER DEVICES: With the XPE470 Video Projector, you can connect via HDMI to a laptop, desktop computer, or DVD player. Use the devices you already own to project videos, photos, and more.


HOME ENTERTAINMENT REDEFINED: Movie night can be better than ever with the Cinema Projector on hand. The new model has an upgraded LED bulb and makes less notice, making it a great choice for a portable home entertainment system.

Product Description

The new Crenova XPE470 Mini Projector can be a great centerpiece for your home entertainment system. Whether you’re watching a movie or a football game, the Mini Projector provides a big-screen experience from the comfort of your home.Thanks to upgraded LED source technology, the Mini Projector projects a clear image without inflicting the same optical harm as TVs, laptops, and tablets. This technology saves your eyes while still allowing you to enjoy movies, sports, and TV.Upgraded LED sources also save energy. Over the course of using the projector for 30,000 hours, you can save up to 70% of the energy that would be used with other models.With the Keystone button, users can easily adjust the image size without affecting the quality of the projection. Even if the projector is tilted, viewers can still enjoy a clear, straight image. The projector can create a screen that’s the size of a TV - or a home cinema.


- Imaging Technology:TFT LCD

- Brightness:1200 Lumens

- Contrast:1000:1

- Resolution:800*480RGB

- Life Span:30000 hours

- Operation Mode:Manual Operation

- Support aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9

- Power Voltage:100V-240V-50/60HZ



1 x Crenova XPE470 Projector

1 x AV Cable

1 x HDMI Cable

1 x Remote Controller

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manua


How good is the quality for consoles?

We hooked it up to the PS4 at the weekend. It's absolutely fine for FIFA, even if not pitch black. For COD though, some of the boys were complaining that they couldn't see the edges very clearly and I kind of agree with them. There's a fair bit of graphical text floating around the screen on games like COD and it's not always easy to read unless it's near the middle. I'm being picky here, as they carried on playing 4 player COD for a good while. Sports and movies are pretty much perfect. It's a fantastic cinema screen. Definitely need to rig up a couple of speakers from the unit though. The biggest obstacle is definitely keeping out the natural light.


Just got this unit and hooked up to laptop via hdmi. Sound plays through laptop not the projector. How do I fix that?

Sounds like the settings with your laptop need to be changed. I don't know what computer you're using which makes it impossible to answer your question. As far as the projector goes, do nothing, it's working.


Does this support rear projection?

Yes! It supports both front and rear, as well as both for a ceiling projector.


How would you best connect external speakers or sound via a Mac laptop? Through the laptop or are the speakers on this unit adequate?

If you're going from a Mac laptop, I recommend trying to connect the laptop to Bluetooth speakers, as then, you can move them to wherever you like. You can connect either the laptop or the projector through an aux cord, but the speakers are about as good as the computer speakers when you get everything set up.


I tried to set it to hdmi and plugged in to my macbook air, but it won't work. it keeps saying no signal. how do I use?

You need to confirm whether you need to buy a HDMI adapter for your macbook air which cannot connect the projector directly with HDMI cord.Then make sure both ends of the hdmi cable are properly seated. If you have another cable that allows you to hook up by USB or vga I would try that. I would also try using another piece of equipment like a DVD player.


What if i want to play movies from ipad to projector for outdoors, what additional parts do I need to buy?

Never owned a ipad but as long it has a usb port you should have no problem. I have not even bought a screen yet for it. I hung a white sheet for now in my man cave and it works great for now til I find its final resting space. it sits now on a tripod i already owned. For the price it is really a great buy. Recommend a good speaker. I use a $80 Bose portable speaker and it jams well. Hope this helps.


How to connect projector with iPad or iPhone/ Android phone with MHL function?

To connect projector with iPad, you will need a WIFI display dongle to connect them, and choose"HDMI"as"input source".

To connect projector with Phone, first of all, please confirm that your phone support MHL(Mobile High-Definition Link) function. Then you will need a WIFI display dongle or a MHL cable to connect phone and projector, and choose"HDMI"as"input source".


Is it noise?

The projector does however emit a rather loud fan noise, this is mentioned in the Amazon listing, but when connected to sound bar through the AV port or crank up the volume, its fully drowned out by the speaker, it really does not affect the viewing experience.


Can this projector be used in daylight or do the lights need to be dim?

Lights need to be dim during daylight, curtain's down, then picture quality will be better.


Do I need a separate adapter for iphone?

Yes, you will need a MHL cable or a wifi display dongle. A MHL cable is much cheaper, it can connect iPhone with this projector, you may purchase one on Amazon. If you've got a wifi display dongle, you can connect the projector with not only iPhone but also iPad.

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